Definitions from Retailing Management, Levy

Chapter 1

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): involves an organization voluntarily engaging in business practices that meet or exceed the ethical and legal expectations of its stakeholders—its employees, customers, community, and society in general.

Second Stage of CSR: In the second stage, companies go beyond activities required by law to engage in CSR activities that also provide a short-term financial benefit to the company.

Chapter 2

Variety: Variety is often referred to as the breadth of merchandise, and assortment is referred to as the depth of merchandise.

Chapter 3

Multichannel Retailing: involves using more than one channel to sell and deliver merchandise and services to consumers.

Chapter 7

Pop-up stores: stores in temporary locations that focus on new products or a limited group of products.

Chapter 10

Outsourcing Logistics: allows retailers to streamline their operations and make more productive use of their assets and personnel, some retailers outsource supply chain functions.

Chapter 13

Branding: it’s important for retailers to identify the branding options available.

Chapter 15

Special Event: a sales promotion program comprising a number of sales promotion techniques built around a seasonal, cultural, sporting, musical, or some other type of activity.

Chapter 17

Utilitarian Benefits: when the retailer’s store enables customers to locate and purchase products in an efficient and timely manner with minimum hassle.


Additional Statistics

Amazon Statistics from Walker Sands Communications:

  • 42% of consumers receive 1-2 packages from Amazon per week
  • 50% of consumers ages 18-25 receive 1-2 package from Amazon per week
  • 57% of consumers ages 26-35 receive 1-2 packages from Amazon per week

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