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Lee London Webcam Covers

I met Valerie, the founder of Lee London, at a conference for female entrepreneurs in May. Truthfully, I never really thought about covering my webcam until I met her and heard about this amazing product.

Here are some facts that convinced me I needed one of these covers:

  • Over 2 million private hackers around-the-world live stream women every day
  • 14.5 Billion spam emails were sent to Americans in 2017 alone in order to enslave the users’ computers
  • Women are bought and sold on the dark internet internationally every second. Prices are higher if you are in college or younger!
  • There are over 2 billion laptops being used in the world today. At any one time 25% of them are being watched by hackers.
  • Hackers can turn off the light to your webcam and then record you – truly going unnoticed.
  • It takes eight mouse clicks to hack into the average MacBook Air.

Pretty scary right? That’s why I’ve teamed up with Lee London to giveaway THREE webcam covers to THREE winners! You can enter via my Instagram.

You can also purchase their webcam covers via Amazon or their site.

And connect with Lee London on social!

Instagram: @LeeLondonDesign
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