Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

After coming home last month from my travels, I had thousands of photos to scroll through to relive all the memories. As much as I love having all my photos accessible on my phone and laptop, I am a sucker for the nostalgic feel of a printed picture. That’s why I decided to order 30 prints from Printiki and I’ll definitely be printing more of my adventures!

Ways to Display Your Travel Photos
When you order from Printiki with my code (at the bottom of this post) and recieve your prints, you might wonder well, now what? Here are some of the ways I’m displaying my prints. Also if you need more inspiration, check out the Printiki Instagram.
Display your travel photos in a fun way!
My room is tiny so making it as personal and cozy as possible is important to me. Adding my prints to the wall in a fun collage has made all the difference. It reminds me of the best four months of my life!
Display your travel photos with washi tape
I fastened my prints to the wall using some washi tape I bought at Joann Fabrics. It could not be more perfect! I absolutely love lemons and they remind me so much of Italy. If you’ve never used washi tape, it’s perfect for decorating because it doesn’t ruin your walls. It’s also great for scrapbooking and other projects.
Ways to Display Your Travel Photos
Printiki photo prints in travel journal
I also wanted to preserve some of my photo memories in the journal I kept while abroad. I left space for these photos while I was writing.
Printiki photo prints displayed using washi tape
Of course if you are looking for other ways to display your memories, you can always frame them. Or, you can buy super cute string lights with clips and hang them like I did with my ‘happy’ banner.

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There are so many possibilities! I hope this post inspired you to not just keep your travel pictures hidden away in the depths of your photo app. See how you can make your space as personal as mine with your prints.

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Ways to Display Your Travel Photos

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