The Best Basics Under $25

Sometimes, great fashion is hard to come by. But, we don’t have to have the most original pieces all the time! In my eyes, there are a lot of times where simple is better. And there is also nothing better than having a closet packed with basic pieces that can work with any outfit. 
How about basics for under $25? Sounds good to me!
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Personally, I’m not too keen on stripes, but I love this simple combo of two standard wardrobe pieces.  Black skirts are essential; there are so many times you can wear one. They are perfect for everyday outfits or work as business wear (for all you girl bosses). Since winter is coming, make this outfit cold-proof by adding leggings or tights and some cute boots. You could also choose to replace the top with a longer sleeve option.
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The classic jeans and plain white tee. Tucked in like this or not tucked at all: it’s perfect for any casual occasion. To give this outfit more spunk, choose a graphic tee instead. You could also throw a cardigan or coat over this to make the perfect minimalistic Fall outfit.

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That casual little black dress that every girl needs… with pockets! Can fashion get any better? I have about three LBDs in my dorm closet and that’s saying something because I hardly have any clothes here (it’s a sensitive subject). You can make this one suitable for winter by simply adding tights again. It seems that’s my solution to everything.

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Sweaters can truly never go out of style. They are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe! This simple knit black sweater with that classic plaid skirt peeking out from under it, has girly grunge written all over it. 

I hope you love all these outfits and find some good basics for all your outfits!
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Meanwhile, stay beautiful!
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