Getting a Taste of Rome: Wine, Pizza, and Adventures

It’s hardly been 3 days since I arrived in Rome for my semester abroad, but it feels more like 2 weeks have passed. My days have been long, and although I haven’t seen much of the city yet, I’ve walked many miles, even if that means racking up a few from the flights of stairs at our small campus.
Today ended up being terribly rainy, followed by some heavy winds later this evening. But the view in the first picture makes walking up the curvy, steep streets of our neighborhood worth it. (I’ve hardly had the time to leave our campus, yet I’ve still taken some really awesome scenic pictures).



I quickly figured out that avoiding dairy and gluten like I usually do will not be a viable lifestyle any longer, (or at least not for the next 4 months). My poison of choice the other night was this margarita and prosciutto pizza. So yummy, especially with this white wine, which was the vino della casa at the restaurant we went to. 
A secret I’ve learned is that the house wine is usually a pretty wise choice and a great way to save some cash. The bottle we had was 12 euro, compared the other bottles that were 18 euro and upward. 


Before taking a break for pizza and wine, we walked near Vatican City and stood in Saint Peter’s Square. Of course, around every corner in Rome, there is another statue or even a local ristorante. This one happened to have a super sweet dog standing obediently outside as if he were welcoming customers inside. I promise that this perfect, statue-like dog was one-hundred percent real and I know this because he walked over to us and I pet him!
Although my last few days in Rome have been uneventful given the fact I am also here to study, I am headed to the Coliseum tomorrow with my university and I’m sure I’ll have even more to update my blog with over the next week. Until then!

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