A Sweet, Feminine Outfit for a Shopping Spree

Blue Lace Top Outfit
A Sweet Outfit for a Shopping Spree
Throwing on this outfit gives me the sense that I am back in Paris, roaming in beautiful gardens, and eating a perfectly toasted croissant. I remind myself I do not have that luxury anymore but proceed with my day dreams anyway.
My blue lace blouse I bought in Rome paired with my denim pearl embellished skirt from Zara compliment one another nicely. I think every girl looks fabulous in pearls and lace. The two can be understated yet incredibly sophisticated. I could have worn practically any shoes with this outfit, but I chose my Miu Miu knock-off flats (which I also purchased in Rome for only $20).
Finally, this look wouldn’t be perfect for a shopping spree without my adorable new reusable tote. It was only $5 at Home Goods. Since Chicago implemented the shopping bag tax, I need this wherever I go.

And after a long day of shopping, you can’t forget to pick up a sweet treat for yourself…

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Outfit
A Cute Outfit and a Cupcake
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