An Easy & Delicious Way to Add More Superfoods to Your Diet

It’s not every day that you find a way to eat delicious food but still get all the nutrients your body craves, plus lose a little weight, too. Sounds like a dream right? Meet Daily Harvest. They are changing the way you think about superfoods by making them simple and extremely tasty. If you’re ready to commit to better health and good habits, keep reading to learn what superfoods can do for you physically and mentally.

An Easy & Delicious Way to Add More Superfoods to Your Diet

What’s a Superfood?

This question is a good excuse for an infographic, so I put one together for you. Because who doesn’t love infographics?!

An Easy & Delicious Way to Add More Superfoods to Your Diet

How to Eat More Healthy Superfoods

The future is here and it’s easier than ever to eat superfoods. One day, they might just appear at your doorstep, if you let them.

Daily Harvest ensures that you’re going to get your superfoods, super fast. Everything is in a ready-to-go cup, all you have to do is blend or heat. When I first heard about the company, I thought they only had smoothies, but boy was I wrong. 

Not only can you get superfoods in every sip, but also in every spoonful. They have so many different soups, smoothies, sundaes, oats, and parfaits. I did a little taste testing so that when you order, you don’t have to guess what’s the best.

My Favorite Daily Harvest Products


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Acai + Cherry Smoothie

The Acai + Cherry was probably one of my favorite smoothies because it was unlike any smoothie I’ve ever had. And, just for the record: I’m a girl who has sipped on a ton of smoothies from homemade ones to fancy juicery smoothies. All the flavors are so unique, but this one takes the cake for me.

Pineapple + Matcha Smoothie

I also love that these smoothies are so easy to make. Every morning before school I made one and it was much faster to prepare than most breakfasts. I even had time to photograph each one after! All I had to do to make this Pineapple + Matcha smoothie was add milk! You can use any kind, but I prefer rice milk.

Cacao + Avocado Smoothie

If it’s hard for you to eat healthy then this smoothie is perfect for you. It’s amazing how this one tastes like a chocolate shake! You think I’m joking, right? I’m not. See for yourself and get 3 free smoothies for with the code at the bottom of this post!

As you can see, this chocolate shake taste-alike has tons of organic superfoods packed in it. I also love the design of their packaging because it’s so clear to see what you’re eating; there is absolutely no guessing!

Strawberry + Peach Smoothie

The last smoothie I tried was the Strawberry + Peach! This one is so refreshing and reminds me of a smoothie I can buy at a juicery, except I don’t have to leave the comfort of my apartment to enjoy it. Also, did you know all of these products have specific health benefits? This one boosts immunity, energizes, and beautifies.


An Easy & Delicious Way to Add More Superfoods to Your Diet

Mushroom + Miso Soup

Do you love ramen? This soup is the definition of superfoods that are super good. In the past few weeks, so many of my friends have been getting sick. But this immunity-boosting soup helped to keep me healthy! A complete miracle worker and so much better for you than the cheap, plastic-wrapped ramen.

Overnight Oats

An Easy & Delicious Way to Add More Superfoods to Your Diet

Pumpkin + Chai Oats

‘Tis the season for pumpkin-flavored everything! You can eat this one hot or cold. If you love spicy chai and pumpkin lattes, that is exactly what these oats taste like, except with real pumpkin chunks. Just like every Daily Harvest product, this only takes about 3 minutes to make.

Free Superfoods!

These health foods from Daily Harvest have been by far one of the best products I’ve received. It’s worth every penny, especially if you are invested in being healthy.

That being said, through my collaboration with them, I’m excited to offer you 3 FREE smoothies with your next Daily Harvest purchase. All you have to do is use this code at checkout:


Have you tried Daily Harvest before? What’s your favorite superfood? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great rest of the week!

DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by Daily Harvest. All opinions about products received are my own.



  1. October 5, 2017 / 11:51 am

    These sound amazing!! I’ve heard of Daily Harvest before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the stores. I’m going to have to scope them out at the store!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    • October 5, 2017 / 11:53 am

      Hey, Kendal! They actually aren’t in stores. But you can order them online and they are always delivered very quickly. They come packaged in cute cups and are frozen when they arrive to keep the freshness of the fruit/veggies. Hope you try it! The smoothies are amazing.

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