How to Wear Denim in the Middle of Summer

As Spring turns to Summer and the days become longer and warmer, I pull out all of my favorite frocks and that includes denim. This season, I’m loving several trends and an old favorite I decided to wear lately is the classic denim skirt. Whether you are dressing them up a bit or making them really casual, the material is the perfect transitional fabric. Keep reading to see the rest of my look.

What I Wore... Summer Denim Darling | Just Gigi


You don’t find a denim skirt like this one every day; it only cost me $12 when I snagged it during a Topshop sale last year. Every year, I accumulate more and more denim and it is so easy to wear when you need to be casual. I paired this stunning skirt with some of my favorite shoes and I’m especially loving these right now because it seems I never have enough yellow in my closet. To give the skirt some flair, I added a vintage silk scarf as a belt. Try swapping the maxi skirt for a mini or the white tee for a patterned crop top to make this outfit your own!

Get the look

+ Vintage Silk Scarf
+ Topshop Yellow Wood Clogs



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