How to Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

As we age, it gets more and more apparent that our skin just isn’t the same as it used to be. Whether you’re working or still in college, life can get extremely hectic and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Today, I want to address the issue of under-eye puffiness that I have recently started experiencing in the past year and how you can fix it.


Not only is exercise good for the heart and can help you lose weight, but it also keeps you younger in every way possible. If you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym, invest in a yoga mat, some weights, and find exercise routines via Pinterest.

Use VII Code Under-Eye Cream

The lovely people at VII Code sent me their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream to try! With this product, I have definitely noticed the puffiness go down quite a bit and the dark circles have faded as well. I’ve been using this product for 6 weeks, trying to do it every morning and night, however, I think it would have been more effective if I was getting more sleep!

How to Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

How to Apply: Use their unique crescent-shaped strip to apply the eye cream. This piece will act as a massage tool to refresh and rejuvenate! It’s so simple and calming.

How to Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

Get More Sleep

And that leads me to my next tip: you need to get more sleep! It is imperative for the under-eye puffiness and dark circles to go away. You may even want to try adding an extra pillow because I’ve heard this helps combat the forming of dark circles.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you don’t have one yet, start a skincare routine. Every morning and every night I steam my face with a hot washcloth, apply face wash, and rinse. Then I use the VII Code eye cream and apply a moisturizer to the rest of my face. Plus, you should always remove your makeup before bed. The skin is your largest organ, so take care of it!

Avoid Anything that’s Toxic to your body

That includes alcohol, cigarettes, and greasy junk food. If you cut out all of this, you will see an amazing difference in your skin health, but also in your general health! As an added step, start eating better foods. Almost any leafy greens can aid your quest for great skin and beautiful eyes.

Start applying these tips, tricks, and the VII Code eye cream to see amazing results!

This post is sponsored by VII Code. All opinions are my own.


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