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Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Go Blog Social conference here in Chicago! We heard from local, inspirational women about their business, blog, Instagram, podcast, you name it. Essentially, the GBS team put a bunch of girl bosses in one room! More than 50 creatives and bloggers attended, and I was one of them: how exciting is that?

I was all smiles the morning of the conference, despite the fact that I woke up at 6 am and was running on only a few hours of sleep. But, sleep deprivation can’t stop girl bosses, am I right? 
As you can see, behind me there are beautiful twinkly lights strung across the ceiling. The City View Loft had so much charm to it! 

I know I’m no interior design blogger, but this is a cool space and no one can deny it! Even the tables were cool, made out of a thick wood with a worn look to it.

Had to snap a picture of some decorations. “Blog” one of my favorite words!
The sign says it: we got social! I met many bloggers, Instagrammers, career women, and creatives. It made me see that my options are endless. There is so much you can learn from another person, sometimes you just have to get out there and take the first step! 
For the conference, I got business cards made! I ordered them a few days before I needed them (please don’t make that mistake). Luckily, they turned out fine. I used Overnight Prints because their prices for the cards and shipping were drastically lower than other companies. So, if you are in a rush, or just want to be thrifty, I recommend ordering through them.
If you are going to any kind of event like this, business cards are a must. Especially if you have a blog. But, even if you don’t have a blog, it can be very beneficial. Also, if you have someone else’s card, be sure to send them an email or connect with them in some way after. It ensures communication and can lead to many powerful opportunities!
So, back to the conference: Vita Coco Cafe. Gotta say: this stuff got me through the day since I was so sleep-deprived. It contains espresso, coconut water, and milk. If you have tried this brand’s coconut water, you may like it, you may not. Personally, I don’t but this cafe latte was excellent. Not to mention, it’s a whole ton better for you than a regular latte.
I’m a geek for pop-ups. Woodbury Lane traveled from Milwaukee to be at GBS.
It was so fun to browse through all the clothing. I was eyeing that white bucket bag on the end, but sadly, I have too many bags for my own good. The clothing racks were super unique. They were made out of birch branches! Such a great DIY project for anyone moving into a new space.
Last but not least, my outfit. Not totally digging on this first picture of me because I look tired as heck, but I really do think (and I’m flattering myself here) that my outfit was spot on for the conference.

Sweater – Forever 21
Skirt – TopShop
Socks – Forever 21
Booties – ASOS
Even though fashion is my thing, after attending this conference, I have realized that I want this to be about my readers, not just my style. I want to influence girls and women everywhere to follow their hearts, not just the latest trends. I want you to live your dreams.
This is not the first conference I’ve been to. I went to one back in June with my dad called Create: Detroit. But this is the first one where I have been completely engaged in everything the speakers talked about. I am dead-set on being a girl boss now. I am set on a goal to one day speak at a conference like the ones I have attended.
– – –
If you want to be someone great someday, I recommend finding a conference that taps into your hobbies, interests, or passions. It’s very worth it.
Stay beautiful,

post signature P.S. My Twitter is a great place to read more about what the speakers said during the conference! 


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