Festival Style: Mo Pop 2016

It’s been a week since I was sweating in the sunshine, listening to good music all weekend. If you’re from Detroit, MO POP is a must-visit festival. Not only did I see headlining acts like HAIM, G-Eazy, BORNS, and M83, but I also ate delicious foods and played arcade games with friends. Of course, for my first real music festival, I wanted to feel completely stylish; check out my day 1 + 2 looks below.


When I first received the overall dress in the mail, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work for a festival. Wearing a white dress to a festival with dust flying through the air was probably not my best decision, but in the end, the ensemble looked cute and kept me cool on the 98 degree and sunny day. I paired this outfit with a black backpack that I got on sale at Urban Outfitters (unfortunately it only comes in blue now, but it’s still a great deal!). By the end of the day, everything was covered in dust, especially my feet and Birkenstocks; they were just caked in dirt!


My outfit for the first day was a bit more light and girly, but for the second day, I wanted to try a more grungy, bad-ass look. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do since I dyed my hair earlier this July. I found this amazing Detroit t-shirt at a local shop called Caruso Caruso; it’s a piece of my beautiful city that I’m taking back to Chicago with me in a few weeks. I loved the black backpack with this outfit so I decided to make it my festival bag for the weekend, and since day one had my feet covered in dirt, I wore some waterproof Doc Martens the second day. 
The piece that completed this outfit was the pleated skirt from American Apparel. As some of you know, I use to work there, so visiting my old stomping grounds was a ton of fun. There also currently having a sale, so I snagged the skirt for only $13 when it was originally $65.


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