Easy at Home Teeth Whitening + Giveaway!

Whenever I use to think of teeth whitening, I thought of it as a time-consuming process that wouldn’t give me the results I wanted. That was before I tried the Smile Brilliant system. With them, whitening my teeth to get amazing results only requires an hour of my time every other night!

Easy at Home Teeth Whitening

Why I Whiten

We all know that white teeth make for the prettiest smiles. I have always had a lot of discoloration on my teeth from having to take so many antibiotics as a child and I’ve always hated it. Now I can embrace my smile instead of hiding it! In a lot of my older blog posts, you can see me keeping a straight face and not usually showing my teeth. Now, these photos show me smiling and I think I look the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Whitening is also important for all of you who need your coffee fix, or in my case: wine. Really, whether you love coffee, wine, or anything else that could stain your teeth, whitening is a must.

Did you know one hour is only 4% of a whole day? This little fact compels me to whiten my teeth regularly, especially since I can get a lot done while I’m whitening. I mean, I’m writing this and whitening from the comfort of my couch as we speak!

The Smile Brilliant System

So how does the Smile Brilliant process work? Let me break it down in just five simple steps:

  1. Order your box! Everything comes in one package.
  2. Make your impressions. Just take the catalyst putty and trays they’ve sent you and make imprints of your teeth. Sounds difficult, but it’s super straightforward.
  3. Send the imprints back to Smile Brilliant with the packaging they provide you.
  4. Recieve your custom-made whitening trays less than a week later!
  5. Start whitening! I suggest every other day or three times a week for the best results.

When you’re ready to whiten, all you have to do is take the teeth whitening gel and squeeze a little into each whitening tray. The first time I whitened, I left them in for 45 minutes and now I’ve worked my way up to almost 2 hours. Once you’re done whitening use the desensitizing gel for 20 minutes. And ta-da! It’s that easy.

Of course, your personal kit will come with a set of instructions.

Now, get ready to try teeth whitening at home and start smiling!

If you want to try your own kit from Smile Brilliant, use this code for $15 off trays:


OR even better: Enter my giveaway to win a completely FREE teeth whitening kit!

Easy at Home Teeth Whitening

This post was created in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own. 

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