Back to College Supplies that Every Stylish Student Needs

The start of the school year is right around the corner, and it’s time to start shopping for college supplies! We’ve made it a little simpler for you; shop stylish backpacks, chic agendas, and colorful notebooks all in one place.


If you’re a busy lady and haven’t started using an agenda, we highly recommend you start shopping for one! Schedule your life: remember to get to your 8 am lecture hall and afternoon workout at Soul Cycle, along with all the other crazy activities you’ve got going on, girl. An agenda is the perfect way to keep track of everything and anything, and we are loving these ones…


We all know that a notebook is a must for any college student (unless you’re an all technology kind-of-girl). I mean, where else would you write copious to-do lists, take notes during class, or doodle? If you’re looking to get compliments on how gorgeous your class notes look, check out these note taking companions…



The most essential college supplies when it comes to attending lectures is a great backpack to tote all your stuff around in. Most people opt for the biggest and most efficient bag they can find. At Just Gigi, we like to find a bag that’s going to suit our style and still be the perfect size. Check out our ‘pack picks…

Thermal Mug

Our morning cup of caffeine is important to us, especially when we have so much planned for the day! That’s why you need to be ready to run out the door with coffee or tea in hand. If you’ve been living without one of these thermal mugs, we suggest you press purchase fast… (bonus: we included some cute H2O bottles, too. Stay hydrated, ladies!).

We hope you have a great school year, whether this is your first year, last, or somewhere in between! Let us know what you think of these stylish picks and tell us which ones you usually tote to class in the comment section below.
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