Nowhere Does Christmas Like Florida

Ok, don’t shoot us. Yes, we did just say Christmas, and yes, it is still five weeks until the big day. But, hear us out. That’s only five more Mondays until the big day. For a lot of you, that’s only one more payday until the big day. Ok, so have we freaked you out enough now? Good, then we’ll move on. We mentioned Christmas because if you’re going away for it, you’re pretty much running out of time to plan. Hopefully, you have a little money set aside to book something, and then you can use your November pay to take some spending money! If you’re going to go anywhere at all, we would highly recommend that you go to Florida. It really is true when they say: nowhere does it quite like Florida. We won’t get in to it too much now, we’ll let the rest of the article do the talking.

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They Do It Bigger

Everything about Florida just seems a little over the top. Not to say that that is a bad thing, but it definitely does mean that the vibe of the place is a lot bigger. The food seems to be bigger, the shopping malls, and don’t even get us started on the theme parks. If you’re going to go to Florida for Christmas, you have to make sure you hit all of the theme parks they have to offer. We don’t care how old you are, there’s nothing better than being at Disney at Christmas. It will hands down be the most magical time of your life. Of course, will all of this bigness, comes the big crowds that seem to swap Florida. Don’t let this put you off, it’s just because it’s such a great place to come for Christmas. Even though you’ll be surrounded by people, they’ll all be so merry due to the time of year.


They Do It Better

Florida seem to do a lot of things better. The hotels for one, seem so lovely compared to some other states. You’ll find that the people in them are so much nicer, and willing to do what you need. Plus, the prices aren’t that bad either. You can get a hotel in Fort Pierce, Floridaand hardly spend a penny. We won’t lie to you, Florida can be a bit on the pricey side, so it might be worth trying to cut some corners whenever you can. They also seem to do the festive spirit better. Everyone goes the extra mile to make their houses look crazy with all of the lights. It’s definitely worth having a drive around at night to look at all of them!


They Do It Right

What’s the point in Christmas if you aren’t going to do it right!? Well, luckily for you, Florida does do it right. All of the theme parks out on Christmas themed shows, the shopping malls are filled with Christmas trees that go from floor to ceiling, and the vibe is generally just better. The only city that matches it is snowy New York.

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