Keep it Cool with these Baby-Blue Day & Night Outfits

Rocking baby-blue outfits all day isn’t hard. Remember when Gigi Hadid did it last month? I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a ton of baby-blue in my closet. I guess that’s just another thing Gigi and I have in common!

So you want to wear a baby-blue outfit, too? Below you can find my take on two: one casual daytime look and one ‘going out’ look. Both incorporate simple baby-blue pieces and my new Steve Madden Gaze velvet boots.

Daytime Look 

It was by coincidence that I had a blue sweater to match these crushed velvet boots, but I love how simple and easy-to-wear this look is. It looks like you tried without trying too hard. Challenge yourself to incorporate similar shades of the same color throughout an outfit to create a cute, yet casual look. Would you wear this?

Style tip: If you don’t have a blue sweater, swap it out with another neutral color. I would suggest a light tan or white. The shoes are such a statement that you don’t need much else in this daytime outfit to look cool.

‘Going Out’ Look

Baby-blue is such a versatile color. It’s girly yet cool, easy to wear, and edgy when combined with the right fabric. Although you can purchase these Steve Madden boots in several colors, these blue tone ones are perfectly me: unique yet chic with a little bit of surprise factor. Which color would you choose?

Styling these with my metallic Zara moto jacket was an absolute must, but I toned down the look with the light blue dress and delicate, floral tights. What do you think of this? Too much or just right?

Style tip: If your style is edgier than mine, these are the perfect boots for you. A good leather jacket with a black dress or jeans would be right up your style alley.

This post is sponsored by Steve Madden. All opinions are my own.



  1. November 10, 2017 / 2:48 pm

    How amazing are those velvet ankle boots? You look really cool girl!

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