3 Perfect Autumn Outfits

I actually could not be more excited for Fall this year for a few reasons. 1) I brought a ton of clothes that are hardly wearable in this current Chicago heat wave. 2) I just feel like wearing jeans, don’t ask me why. 3) I like pumpkin spice lattes. And 4) my boyfriend is coming to see me in October! In short, this Autumn will be full of fun and hopefully full of great fashion!

Although this could be a little too breezy to wear in the depths of a Chicago Fall, I think it would be a perfect outfit for early September. But, by the end of the month, we Midwestern-ites know it’s a little harder to go bare-legged. I love the textures of the fur-like bag; it’s definitely something I would love to be carrying this season. The colors also prove that this outfit is just fun and retro with a modern world spin on it: because we all know that those button down skirts are all the rage right now.
Styling tip: Can’t find or don’t have a fluffy handbag? Add a cute keychain to a purse of your choice!
Alexa Chung does fashion the right way. I look up to her as a fashion icon so much. I love this outfit because it’s just so simple and anyone can wear it. I’ve been digging the plain tee + jeans combo since I’m a lazy college student now that sometimes doesn’t want to put effort into her look (oops). You can find me going to class in my new dark orange knit shirt from UO and dark-wash AA easy jeans. Even though they say to ditch whites after Labor Day, I still love rocking them. I’ve been really into the denim and white blouse look. It’s professional with a playful and casual twist!
Styling tip: Not feeling like wearing those white sneakers again? Try these on for size:
I really do love more muted and subtle colors for fall and winter seasons, even though I’ve been obsessed with color lately. In absence of color, I love how the metallic gold jacket plays into this outfit. It makes this whole ensemble go from drab to pop! The reason I’m including this outfit is because I think this color palette would be a great one for the Fall. We will also have the chance to break out our combat boots; what’s my pick? My grey Dr. Martens of course. You guys saw those a lot last winter.
Styling tip: Add a bunch of pretty gold-toned jewelry!
I hope you all liked the outfits I picked out for this post! Thank you for reading and for your constant support. I will be back soon with some personal style posts. As for now, I’m still getting used to college life.

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